Why Sora?

Out of all the characters in the Kingdom Hearts fandom, there's one character that stands out from all the rest for me - Sora. When I first played Kingdom Hearts, I was unaware of what to expect. As I was first introduced to Sora and his personality, his relationship and his bravery, something immediately made me fall in love with this character. To tell the truth, if the next Kingdom Hearts game doesn't star Sora, I'm not even sure I'd bother playing it right away.
I adore Sora's loyalty, his dedication to finding his friends, the pure light in Sora's heart, and the fact he gave his life to save Kairi was beautiful. He may not be as mature or as 'sexy' as his fellow companion Riku, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest.
My love for Sora has never wavered throughout the games, and Sora remains one of my favourite characters from the fictional world.