Level Forms

Out of all the changes, this is by far the most unique. Sora loses his ability to stand on two legs, and instead, runs much faster on all fours. He can also jump further. In this form, he cannot use his Drive Forms, or his summons. His fur is brown, and his spikey hair modeled into a mane, which also shoots out from his ears and his cheeks. The same spikey hair is also on his tail, and he also retains his Crown Keychain around his neck. In this form, Sora carries the Keyblade around with him in his mouth, and uses the same method to attack. Shameless plug if you love this form as much as I do.

In Halloween Town, Sora looks much more sinister in order to fit in with the new world. He has a Pumpkin mask on the side of his face, small bat wings on his back, and added fangs. Of course, he also wears black, with white around areas (Such as his gloves) as well. As with most of his forms, the crown remains there, in a golden patch on his chest, surrounded by smaller bat wings. He also wears short red bandages around his legs, and his shoes are sharper than his normal shoes, with a white stripe across them.

One of the other more obvious changes is 'Merman' Sora. He loses his clothes (Don't even think about that) and gains blue fins, much like a mermaids. He also loses the ability to walk of course, and instead must swim around the level. Like his lion form, he cannot drive form, nor can he use any of his summons. In the second game, these aren't necessary anyway, as Atlantica is now a musical level, and does not require any sort of fighting anyway. In Chain of Memories, however, Sora walks the level.

When Sora enters the world of digital technology, he gains a very 'digital' look to himself. Nothing's changed underneath, but now Sora is covered in a black outfit with digital (LCD?) lights all around him. His hair seems to be darker as well, with his cap covering most of it. The back spikes appear to be covered by it as well, and are a very light blue. As the level is already quite dark, this could just be the level. Another image shows Sora's hair normal colour as well as his skin, but in this image, it appears blue as well.

Black & White
Exclusive to Timeless River, when the team enter this world, everything goes back to how it first started. Although for Sora, this is a brand new look. He looks much more 'cartoony', mostly reflected by his eyes and large hands. The rest of him, however, remains the same as usual, just with slightly more rounded edges. As the image shows, he is in complete black & white, and is never shown in full colour in any part of the level. However, when using a Drive Form, he gains just a slight bit of colour, depending on which one he used.

Not a literal form, but still worth adding for fun. Young Sora is exactly how he sounds - The younger version of our current hero. He is seen in several flashbacks with either Kairi or Riku (It's usually one or the other, rather than both). Not much has changed, except that he obviously looks and appears shorter, and his clothes are completely different. He wears a white shirt with blue strips around the edges, and red shorts. He also wears black & yellow sandals on his feet instead of any normal shoes.

Christmas Town
Exclusive to Final Mix +, Sora gains another attire in the Halloween Town level. Entering Christmas Town changes Sora's outfit to a black Santa Claus outfit. The gloves he wears are still quite sharp, to prove he's still part of Jack Skellington's team. A brown belt is wrapped around his lower half, and there are two silver crowns on his chest serving as buttons. The rest of the outfit is the same as his Halloween Town outfit.