Just to make this shrine complete, a little info about who does Sora's voice. Or more, opinions on the voices.

The US Sora is voiced by Haley Joel Osment. For a change, the dubbed version, to me, isn't irritating, nor does it not fit the character. Sora's one of the few characters I can listen to in either language. Being the same age as Sora helps too. However, by Kingdom Hearts II, the voice has broken, and I can't deny it took me a lot of time to warm up to, but I did in the end.

The Japanese Sora is voiced by Miyu Irino. I love his Japanese voice, there's nothing to fault it at all. It suits him 100% - Not too high, not too low either. He's the same age as Sora too. He does a lot of other voices too, including Daisuke Niwa from DNAngel, Haku from Spirited Away, and Syaraon Li from TrC.

I also have a French copy of the game, but I don't know the voice actor. Overall, it's a good voice for Sora there.