I'm only going to list 'General' sora merchandise. So don't expect to see Sora posters or shirts.
As a side note, this list is VERY old, as you can tell. It's not only got the old layout from the site, it's also got the old web address.

Magical Collection Sora

Magical Collection Halloween Sora

US Sora

US Merman Sora

Japanese Orange Bottle Cap Sora

Japanese Green Bottle Cap Sora

Transformation Arts Sora

Transformation Arts Mono Sora

Magical Collection Sora II

Japanese Green Bottle Cap Merman Sora

Keyring Gashapon Sora

Keyring Gashapon Sora 2

Keyring Gashapon Sora Orange

Magical Collection Sora Brave Form

Magical Collection Sora Wisdom Form

DX Sora Figure

Articulated Sora Figure

Sora BookMark