Drive Forms

Brave Also known as Valor form, when Sora is in Brave form, his clothing is red, and he wields two keyblades. He's also very fast, and more powerful. Powering up this form allows Sora to use the High Jump. In order for Sora to change into this form, he requires Goofy. The main downside of this form is that Sora cannot use magic, making it harder to heal in time. The form is the first one obtained, and is given to you by the fairies when Sora is getting his new change of clothes. It levels up by hitting heartless. Because of this, it only requires 3 drive gauge to be full before you can transform Sora into this form.

Wisdom In Wisdom form, Sora gains a blue attire, and Donald must be present in order for this to work. In this form, Sora's magic heals quicker after use, and his overall magic power is increased. He also glides instead of walking, and can now 'shoot' magic instead of being up close with his keyblade, and can attack whilst hovering. He fires the shots pretty quickly overall as well, but they don't do a great deal of damage. It helps you get the ability Quick Run, and can be levelled up by defeating heartless. This form is obtained after completing Timeless River. This form also requires just 3 drive gauges to use.

Master In this form, the Master form Sora is now in yellow clothing. The left Keyblade also floats in the air, while Sora holds his other. This requires both Donald AND Goofy. Attack and magic are both increased here, however, not as much as their respective forms. Levelling up will get you the Air Dodge ability, and you can get exp by simply getting the drive orbs picked up. It's overall a great form to use, especially if you don't have Final form just yet. This form is received after speaking with King Mickey in Ansem's Study. It requires now 5 drive gauges to be full.

Final The Final form is just that - The Final form you received in the game, and the final form you'll ever need. Final form combines both attack and magic with great power, and is extremely fast. Sora is in white for this form, and now glides again, with both Keyblades floating in the air beside Sora. Both Sora & Donald are needed again, but it's worth it. This also gives you the ability Glide. Exp is gained as nobodies are defeated. The form is obtained randomly after Sora battles Roxas, but you must be in battle, and the drive gauge must be at 5. Once you have successfully transformed once, it appears on your list for good, at the same cost of 5 full drive gauges.

Anti Anti form is the one form you don't want to transform into. This form is obtained randomly, and with no guarantee most of the time. An invisible counter tracks how many times you use your drive forms and, if you use it too much, this is the result. Sora is in complete black, with only glowing yellow eyes, and runs on all fours. His hands have sharp claws, and this is what you attack with. Agile as he is, he cannot use magic, nor transform back, and both party members will be gone. Collecting orbs and attacking opponents helps the bar go lower so you can get out of it quicker. Oh, and Reaction commands don't work. So, if you run into him against Xemnas.....

Limit form is exclusive to Final Mix +. Sora goes retro, and regains his old attire, just bigger sizes to fit him. This form requires no team members, just 3 full drive gauges. In this form, he can use old techniques such as Dodge Roll and Ars Arcanum. It is levelled up by successfully performing a Limit move, as Limit has now replaced magic. and is obtained on Sora's second visit to Twilight Town, and requires 4 full drive gauges. It's very useful, especially for those who miss some of the classic Sora moves, or (my fave) the dodge roll ability.