About Sora

Sora is the 14 Year old star of the Kingdom Hearts series. While Sora may be considered not as mature as his close friend Riku, he is certainly a brave little adventurer. When his home was struck by a fierce storm, Sora braved it to save the raft he and his friends had made. When he realised there were strange creatures there, he didn't back down.
After gaining his Keyblade, he set off an a journey with two friends, Donald & Goofy, to seal off the keyhole in each world, and ultimately find his friends and get home. As his friend Riku is manipulated by darkness, Sora tries his upmost to bring out the light in Riku's heart and bring him back home. However, when they defeated Ansem, one of the manipulators, Riku and the King sealed the door to Kingdom Hearts, leaving Sora with only one friend. Sora, however, can't bear to lose either, and sends Kairi home to resume his mission.

By Chain of Memories, Sora has safely returned Kairi to Destiny Islands, and is now searching for Riku. Meanwhile, Donald & Goofy are still searching for their King. He's grown a little since the first adventure, but not much. Sora encounters a man in a black outfit, who leaves Sora with the phrase 'Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must lose something dear.'
As Sora & co continue down the path, they come across a large castle. Once they enter the castle, known as Castle Oblivion, they begin to realise, the deeper they go, the more memories they lose. This is because of the Organization - Using Kairi's nobody, Naminé, they begin to re-arrange Sora's memories, and replace Kairi with her. As Sora defeats the Organization members, and makes his way to the top, he finds out about the plan. After he defeats the Castle's leader, Marluxia, Naminé points out that she can get Sora's memory back to normal, but in order to do so, he must forget everything that happened in the Castle. As Sora agrees to this, he also promises her his heart will never forget her. After this, Sora enters a strange pod, and falls asleep. One year later.....

Sora is now 1 year older, and all memories are back in place. For this, however, he's lost his memories of the Castle entirely. As Sora awakens, he emerges out of Twilight Town and progresses to Yen Sid. There, he learns about the nobodies. Whilst he's there, he also gets a change of clothes thanks to the three fairies. With these new clothes, he can now use a new type of power, known as 'Drive Forms'. Sora continues his quest, defeating the Organization once again and sealing the keyholes again. As he finally gets to the Organization's hideout, Riku shows up. Along with Kairi, thanks to Axel. When they believe the story is over, Kairi, Mickey, Donald & Goofy leap through a portal opened by Naminé that leads back home. However, Xemnas has one more trick up his sleeve and emerges to battle them once more. Upon defeating Xemnas, Sora & Riku are returned home, where Kairi is waiting.
At the end, however, the trio are seen with a note from King Mickey, and the screen fades out.